GRE Word List


(of a fault or sin) forgivable; trivial

The meaning of the word venial is (of a fault or sin) forgivable; trivial.

Random words

chaperonolder person who accompanies and supervises a young unmarried woman
wreakinflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on
varnishpaint used to coat a surface with a glossy film; glossy coating produced by using this substance; Ex. nail varnish; V.
recidivismhabitual return to crime (even after being punished); N. recidivist
distinctclearly different; clearly noticed
congealfreeze; coagulate
repercussionrebound; reaction; reverberation; Ex. serious repercussion
gradationseries of gradual stages; degree in such a progression
ruminantanimal that ruminates; ADJ.
sophomoricimmature; half-baked; like a sophomore