GRE Word List


outmoded; no longer used

The meaning of the word obsolete is outmoded; no longer used.

Random words

divaoperatic singer; prima donna
stymiethwart; present an obstacle; stump
incurbring upon oneself
outlandishbizzare; peculiar; unconventional
maneuverstrategic military or naval movement (done for training purposes); carefully planned process; stratagem; V: carry out a military maneuver; use maneuvers in gaining an end
florescencecondition or period of flowering
levitylack of seriousness or steadiness; frivolity; lightness of manner
contentiousquarrelsome; controversial; likely to cause arguments
tollsound (a large bell) slowly at regular intervals; N: sound of a bell; fixed tax or charge
reputablerespectable; having a good reputation