GRE Word List


urgent situation; ADJ. exigent

The meaning of the word exigency is urgent situation; ADJ. exigent.

Random words

unimpeachablethat cannot be impeached; beyond doubt or question; blameless and exemplary
debasedegrade; reduce in quality or value; degenerate; lower in esteem; disgrace; N. debasement
podiatristdoctor who treats ailments of the feet; chiropodist; N. podiatrics
circumlocutionindirect or roundabout expression (by using an uncecessarily large number of words esp. when trying to avoid answering a difficult question directly)
compliantreadily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others; yielding; comforming to requirements
egregiousnotorious; conspicuously bad or shocking
intractableunruly; difficult to manage; Ex. intractable problem/child
interbury; N. interment
elixircure-all; panacea; something invigorating
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile