GRE Word List


excessively fond of or submissive to a wife

The meaning of the word uxorious is excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.

Random words

voracioushaving a huge appetite : ravenous
magisterialof, relating to, or having the characteristics of a master or teacher : authoritative
doctrinea principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : dogma
extenuateto lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of (something, such as a fault or offense) by making partial excuses : mitigate
blowhardan arrogantly and pompously boastful or opinionated person : braggart
zealota zealous person
flagany of various monocotyledonous plants with long ensiform leaves: such as
autonomoushaving the right or power of self-government
unwittingnot knowing : unaware
cynicalhaving or showing the attitude or temper of a cynic: such as