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GRE Word List


punishing; Ex. punitive measures

The meaning of the word punitive is punishing; Ex. punitive measures.

Random words

irateangry; CF. ire: anger; wrath
superannuatedretired or disqualified because of age; outmoded; obsolete
cadavercorpse; dead human body
wholesomeconducive to mental or physical health; healthful
adventitiousaccidental; casual; happening by chance
esteemrespect; value; judge; N.
gingerlyvery carefully; ADJ.
incoherentunintelligible; muddled; unable to express one's thoughts in an orderly manner; illogical; lacking cohesion; not coherent
toadyservile flatterer; yes man; sycophant; V: be a toady to; fawn
caninerelated to dogs; doglike