GRE Word List


unjustified; having no justification; groundless; baseless; undeserved

The meaning of the word unwarranted is unjustified; having no justification; groundless; baseless; undeserved.

Random words

incarnationact of assuming a human body and human nature; one who personifies something; personification; Ex. previous incarnation/reincarnation
motiftheme; recurrent thematic element in a musical or literary work; single or repeated pattern; figure
compactagreement; contract; ADJ: tightly packed; firm; brief; concise; Ex. compact statement
gapeopen widely; open the mouth wide; stare wonderingly with the mouth open; CF. agape
crescendoincrease in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent
puddinghot sweet dish
usurylending money at illegal high rates of interest
subsidiaryserving to assist; subordinate; secondary; of a subsidy; N.