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GRE Word List


frozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail

The meaning of the word hail is frozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail.

Random words

acclaimapplaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise
incontrovertibleindisputable; impossible to dispute; not open to question; unquestionable
discomposedisturb the composure of; confuse
refrainabstain from; resist; forbear; N: chorus
privysecret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
attentivealert and watchful; listening carefully; paying attention; considerate; thoughtful; politely helpful; Ex. attentive audience; Ex. He was attentive to the old lady; N. attentions: act of courtesy and consideration
apparentevident; easily seen or understood; appearing as such; Ex. apparent improvement
betrothbecome engaged to marry
swear-wordword considered offensive; Ex. ``bloody''

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