GRE Word List


aggressiveness; ferocity; ADJ. truculent: aggressive; pugnacious; fierce

The meaning of the word truculence is aggressiveness; ferocity; ADJ. truculent: aggressive; pugnacious; fierce.

Random words

retinuefollowing; attendants
assurancefirm statement that something is certainly true; promise or pledge; certainty; confidence in one's own ability; self-confidence; Ex. In spite of all his assurances, he did not come back; Ex. assurance of his loyalty; Ex. The teacher lacked assurance in fron of his class; V. assure; tell firmly with confidence; ensure; make (something) certain to heappen; make (someone) feel sure; give confidence to; ADJ. assured: self-assured; confident in one's own ability; showing certainty
chidescold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
relishenjoy; savor; N: enjoyment; zest
anecdoteshort story of an amusing or interesting event
plasterpaste that hardens to a smooth solid and is used for coating walls; V.
mutinousunruly; rebellious; Ex. mutinous teenagers; N. mutiny: open rebellion; CF. mutineer
impertinentinsolent; rude; not pertinent; N. impertinence
internecinemutually destructive