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GRE Word List


throb; beat regularly; vibrate regularly

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word pulsate is throb; beat regularly; vibrate regularly.

Random words

rampartdefensive mound of earth
tartsharp to the taste; acid-tasting; caustic; sarcastic; Ex. tart apple/reply
quandarydilemma; state of uncertainty; Ex. She is in a quandary about whether to go.
phlegmaticcalm and unexcitable; not easily disturbed; CF. phlegm: sticky mucus produced in the respiratory tract
inadvertentlyunintentionally; by oversight; carelessly
temperatemoderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society
impecuniouswithout money
humiddamp; N. humidity
diaphanoussheer; transparent
ultimatumlast demand; last warning; last statement of conditions that must be met; Ex. They have ignored our ultimatum.