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GRE Word List


funeral director; one whose business is to arrange burials

The meaning of the word undertaker is funeral director; one whose business is to arrange burials.

Random words

strewspread randomly; sprinkle; scatter; Ex. flower girl strewing rose petals
dichotomydivision into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
exorbitant(of costs or demands) excessive; exceeding reasonable bounds
obeseexcessively fat; N. obesity
amityfriendship; peaceful relationship as between nations
stridentloud and harsh; insistent; N. stridency
occultmysterious; secret; supernatural; beyond human comprehension; CF. mysterious to human ?; OP. bare
misdemeanorminor crime; misdeed; wrongdoing
ignitekindle; light; catch fire or set fire to
perspicuityclearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity