GRE Word List


restrain; prohibit; retard or prevent; N. inhibition

The meaning of the word inhibit is restrain; prohibit; retard or prevent; N. inhibition.

Random words

hardy(of people or animals) sturdy; robust; (of plants) able to stand inclement(stormy) weather
abstracttheoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational
compatibleharmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together
lustershine; gloss (of a polished surface)
obsequiousslavishly attentive; servile; full of servile compliance; sycophantic
cubiclesmall chamber used for sleeping or work
requisitionformal demand or request; Ex. requisition for more computing equipment; V.
concatenatelink as in a chain
advocatespeak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for
tithetax of one-tenth (contributed to a church); V: pay a tithe