GRE Word List


boorish; clumsy in speech or behavior; outlandish

The meaning of the word uncouth is boorish; clumsy in speech or behavior; outlandish.

Random words

bustpiece of sculpture showing a person's head, shoulders, and upper chest; V: break up; arrest; Ex. crimebuster
untowardunexpected and adverse; unfortunate or unlucky; Ex. untoward encounter
pessimismbelief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess; tendency to take the gloomiest possible view of a situation; ADJ. pessimistic
homeostasistendency of a system or organism to maintain relative stability or internal equilibrium; CF. homeo-: constant; Ex. homeotherm
killjoygrouch; spoilsport; one who intentionally spoils the pleasure of others
knelltolling of a bell especially to indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell; V.
razedestroy completely; Ex. raze the city to the ground
refrainabstain from; resist; forbear; N: chorus
ragamuffindirty child in torn clothes; person wearing tattered clothes
anthologybook of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus