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GRE Word List


lending money at illegal high rates of interest

The meaning of the word usury is lending money at illegal high rates of interest.

Random words

volatilechangeable; of a quickly changing nature (as of temper); mercurial; tending to violence; evaporating rapidly; Ex. volatile character/situation in the street
vampireghostly being that sucks the blood of the living
brevityconciseness; shortness of duration
homogeneousof the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
infringeviolate (a law); encroach (the right of another person)
woefulsad; (of something bad) deplorable; deplorably bad; Ex. woeful housing conditions
skittishinconstant; capricious; frivolous; not serious; Ex. charming but skittish young woman; CF. skit
extrapolationprojection; conjecture; V. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information
unraveldisentangle; solve
sacrosanctinvioably sacred; most sacred; inviolable