GRE Word List


lending money at illegal high rates of interest

The meaning of the word usury is lending money at illegal high rates of interest.

Random words

hydrophobiafear of water; rabies
disaffecteddisloyal; lacking loyality; V. disaffect: cause to lose affection or loyalty
sophistryseemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism
negligenceneglect; failure to take reasonable care; ADJ. negligent: neglectful; lax; not taking enough care
supplanttake the place of unfairly; usurp; replace
leoninelike a lion
insalubriousunwholesome; not healthful; Ex. insalubrious place
conducivehelpful; contributive; V. conduce; Ex. conduce to/towards
charismadivine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism