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GRE Word List


blacken; defame

The meaning of the word denigrate is blacken; defame.

Random words

collectedcomposed; calm; self-possessed
rasp(of a sound) grate on (eg. nerves); make a harsh noise; have an unpleasant effect; rub with something rough; Ex. The cat's tongue rasped my hand.
ashenash-colored; deadly pale
paragonmodel of perfection; Ex. paragon of virtue
insensibleunconscious; unresponsive; insensitive; unaware; imperceptible; Ex. insensible of his danger/to pain; Ex. insensible change; CF. not the opposite of sensible
insolenceimpudent disrespect; haughtiness; ADJ. insolent; CF. haughty + rude
malevolentwishing evil; exhibiting ill will; N. malevolence
anarchyabsence of governing body; state of disorder
solsticepoint or time at which the sun is farthest from the equator