GRE Word List


holding fast (as to a belief); persistent

The meaning of the word tenacious is holding fast (as to a belief); persistent.

Random words

squelchproduce a splashing sound (when stepping through mud); crush; squash; CF. ΑψΘλΐ» ΐ§Ώ‘Ό­ Ήβΐ» Ά§
harborgive protection (by giving food and shelter); provide a refuge for; hide; keep in mind (thoughts or feelings); Ex. harbor a grudge/criminal; N: place of shelter; refuge
brooktolerate; endure; Ex. brook no interference; N: small stream
luxuriatetake pleasure in great comfort
groovelong narrow channel made in a surface to guide the movement of something; Ex. groove of the record
oscillatevibrate pendulumlike; waver
fosterrear; bring up (for a certain period only); encourage; promote the development of (feelings or ideas); Ex. help foster friendly relations; ADJ: giving parental care although not related by blood; Ex. foster parents
lilliputianextremely small; CF. Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels
subversivetending to overthrow or ruin; V. subvert: overthrow completely (an established system); destroy completely; CF. undermine ?