GRE Word List


a covered passageway usually lined with shops

The meaning of the word arcade is a covered passageway usually lined with shops.

Random words

thesisopinion put forward and supported by reasoned arguments
gerrymanderchange voting district lines in order to favor a political party; N. CF. Elbridge Gerry + (sala)mander
disjointeddisconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin
somberdark; gloomy; melancholy; depressing; CF. shadow
travestycopy or example of something that completely misrepresents the true nature of the real thing; comical parody or imitation; treatment aimed at making something appear ridiculous; Ex. travesty of justice; OP. paragon
bluesstate of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
alienatemake unfriendly or hostile; estrange; separate; change the ownership of
purportintention; purpose; meaning; V: claim; profess; Ex. order which purports to be signed by the general
anviliron block used in hammering out metals
snickerhalf-stifled(suppressed) laugh; V.