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GRE Word List


derived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning

The meaning of the word deducible is derived by reasoning; V. deduce: infer; derive by reasoning.

Random words

bulliongold and silver in the form of bars
affinityfeeling of kinship; similarity; Ex. strong affinity for her; Ex. many affinities between two languages
refurbishrenovate; make clean, bright, or fresh (make new) again; make bright by polishing; Ex. refurbish an old theater; CF. furbish: polish
infiltratepass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator
effectualable to produce a desired effect; valid
awfulterrible; very bad
transposereverse the order or position of
abstemioussparing in eating and drinking; temperate
convolutedcoiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain