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GRE Word List


hit with a sweeping motion; N.

The meaning of the word swipe is hit with a sweeping motion; N..

Random words

effronteryrudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
panoramicdenoting an unobstructed and comprehensive view; N. panorama: unbroken view of a wide area
supplicantone who supplicates; ADJ.
careerrush wildly; go at full speed
callowyouthful; immature; inexperienced
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
subdueless intense; quieter; Ex. subdued lighting; Ex. subdue: conquer; make less intense; quiet; Ex. subdue one's anger
sullydefile; soil; tarnish; Ex. sully one's hands in menial labor
bacchanaliathe ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus
poseassume a particular posture; put forward; present; affect a particular attitude (to impress others); Ex. pose a threat; N.