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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word invective is abuse.

Random words

apiarya place where bees are kept
malaproposinappropriate; ADV.
actuarysomeone who advises insurance companies
brocaderich, figured(patterned) fabric
venalcapable of being bribed; corrupt; CF. vernal
succumbyield (to something overwhelming); give in; die; Ex. succumb to the illness
singularbeing only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior
synopticproviding a general overview; summary; N. synopsis
solderrepair or make whole by using a metal alloy; N: metal alloy (usually tin and lead) used in the molten state to join metallic parts
categoricalwithout exceptions; made without any doubt in mind; unqualified; absolute