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GRE Word List


rotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture

The meaning of the word carrion is rotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture.

Random words

bristlingrising like bristles; showing irritation
beseechbeg; plead with
varnishpaint used to coat a surface with a glossy film; glossy coating produced by using this substance; Ex. nail varnish; V.
fakenot genuine; N: one that is not genuine; impostor; sham; V: counterfeit; Ex. fake the results of the experiment/the signature
irksomeannoying; tedious; V. irk: annoy
epistemologistphilosopher who studies the nature of knowledge; N. epistemology
passeold-fashioned; past the prime
imponderableweightless; that cannot undergo precise evaluation; CF. pound
afterlifelife after death; later part of one's life
flutedhaving vertical parallel grooves (as in a pillar); V. flute: make long parallel inward curves in; N. flute: long rounded groove incised on the shaft of a column