GRE Word List


assumed; counterfeit; hypothetical

The meaning of the word supposititious is assumed; counterfeit; hypothetical.

Random words

wantonunrestrained; gratuitously cruel; willfully malicious; unchaste; sexually improper; promiscuous; Ex. wanton spending/killing; CF. having no just cause
murkydark and gloomy; thick with fog; vague; Ex. murky night/fog; N. murk: partial or complete darkness; gloom
stricturesevere and adverse criticism; critical comments; limit or restriction
gratisfree; without charge; ADJ.
cohesiontendency to keep together
exactdemand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction
quivertremble; shake; N.
retortquick sharp reply; V.
scintillatrace; minute amount; shred; least bit; Ex. There is not a scintilla of truth; CF. spark
crescendoincrease in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent