GRE Word List


clothing or equipment for a special purpose; Ex. cowboy outfit

The meaning of the word outfit is clothing or equipment for a special purpose; Ex. cowboy outfit.

Random words

figurewritten symbols; number; amount represented in numbers; outline or silhouette of a thing or human body; person (well-known); impression; diagram; pattern; group in a dance; Ex. figure of speech; V. calculate with numbers; adorn with figures; appear; consider; Ex. My name did not figure in the list.
ossifychange or harden into bone; become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
agrarianpertaining to land or its cultivation; Ex. agrarian reform
creepmove with body close to the ground; move stealthily or slowly; N.
amalgamate(of societies or groups) combine; unite in one body
selectivecareful in choosing; having an effect only on certain things; not general; Ex. eclectic weed killer
manifestopublic declaration of principles; statement of policy
pecuniarypertaining to money
bucolicrustic; pastoral