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GRE Word List


haughty; arrogant; condescending; patronizing; CF. eyebrow, cilium

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word supercilious is haughty; arrogant; condescending; patronizing; CF. eyebrow, cilium.

Random words

substantialof substance; material; solid; essential or fundamental; ample; considerable; well-to-do; wealthy
evokecall forth (memory or feeling); Ex. That old film evoked memories of my childhood; N. evocation
remonstrateprotest; objection; V. remonstrate: say in protest
pert(esp. of a girl or young woman) impertinent; forward; trim; jaunty; Ex. pert young miss/hat
historicalconnected with history; based on events in history (whether regarded as important or not)
urgedrive or force forward (by causing impulses); drive to take action; impel; entreat earnestly; Ex. urge horses; N: impulse that prompts action
garrulousloquacious; wordy; talkative; N. garrulity
muddleconfuse; mix up confusedly; N: state of confusion
drawchoosing of a lot or card
lotobject used in making a determination at random; fate; piece of land