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GRE Word List


boasted; bragged; highly publicized; V. vaunt: boast; brag

The meaning of the word vaunted is boasted; bragged; highly publicized; V. vaunt: boast; brag.

Random words

intersticenarrow space between things
counterpartthing that completes another; things very much alike; thing that has the same purpose in a different system
stygianunpleasantly dark; gloomy; hellish; deathly; CF. Styx: the chief river in the subterranean land of the dead
discreteseparate; unconnected
consonanceharmony; agreement
caricaturedistortion; burlesque
precariousunsafe; lacking in stability; uncertain; risky; Ex. precarious living
revertrelapse; backslide; turn back to; return to the former owner; N. reversion
colossusgigantic statue; person or thing of great size or importance
discerningmentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments; V. discern: perceive