GRE Word List


the act or process of forming a sum : addition

The meaning of the word summation is the act or process of forming a sum : addition.

Random words

distractto draw or direct (something, such as someone's attention) to a different object or in different directions at the same time
hindsightperception of the nature of an event after it has happened
elucidateto make lucid especially by explanation or analysis
flitto pass quickly or abruptly from one place or condition to another
illusorybased on or producing illusion : deceptive
scurvya disease caused by a lack of vitamin C and characterized by spongy gums, loosening of the teeth, and a bleeding into the skin and mucous membranes
bombardmenta late medieval cannon used to hurl large stones
indigencea level of poverty in which real hardship and deprivation are suffered and comforts of life are wholly lacking
compatiblecapable of existing together in harmony
wallowto roll oneself about in a lazy, relaxed, or ungainly manner