GRE Word List


stingy; mean

The meaning of the word miserly is stingy; mean.

Random words

parityequality; close resemblance; CF. disparate
improvisecompose on the spur of the moment
imbecilityweakness of mind; state of being an imbecile; N. imbecile: stupid person; fool
purgatoryplace of spiritual expiation; temporary state or place in which the souls must expiate their sins
humdrumdull; monotonous
confineshut in an enclosed space; restrict; keep within limits; N. confinement
daintydelicate; delicately beautiful; fastidious; not easy to please; Ex. dainty movement/dress
concurrenthappening at the same time; in agreement
elusiveevasive; not frank; baffling; hard to grasp, catch, or understand; V. elude: escape from; escape the understanding or grasp of; Ex. elude the hunter; Ex. His name eludes me.
venturesome(of a person) bold; adventurous; daring; (of an action) risky