GRE Word List


pleasing to taste or smell; delicious

The meaning of the word luscious is pleasing to taste or smell; delicious.

Random words

amiableagreeable; lovable; warmly friendly
embezzlementtaking for one's own use in violation of trust; stealing (of money placed in one's care)
culvertartificial channel for water; drain crossing under a road
kineticproducing motion; of motion
sacrosanctinvioably sacred; most sacred; inviolable
blanchbleach; whiten; make white or pale
outmodedno longer in fashion or use; no longer stylish; old-fashioned
awrydistorted; crooked; bent; Ex. Our plans have gone awry.
vulgarof the common people; deficient in refinement; not refined; coarse; Ex. vulgar display of wealth; N. vulgarism: vulgarity; crudely indecent word; CF. vulgarian: vulgar person; boor; lout
chaffingbantering; joking