GRE Word List


to have a dulling or inhibiting effect on

The meaning of the word stultify is to have a dulling or inhibiting effect on.

Random words

jollitythe quality or state of being jolly : merriment
lustera glow of reflected light : sheen
implausiblenot plausible : provoking disbelief
imbalancelack of balance : the state of being out of equilibrium or out of proportion
rabiesan acute virus disease of the nervous system of mammals that is caused by a rhabdovirus (species Rabies virus of the genus Lyssavirus) usually transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal and that is characterized typically by increased salivation, abnormal behavior, and eventual paralysis and death when untreated
mustyimpaired by damp or mildew : moldy
lopsidedleaning to one side
primto give a prim or demure expression to
enfranchiseto set free (as from slavery)
plumagethe feathers of a bird