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GRE Word List


presumptuous or bold

The meaning of the word forward is presumptuous or bold.

Random words

benignkindly; favorable; not malignant (disease); Ex. benign tumor
infiltratepass into or through; penetrate or enter (an organization) sneakily; Ex. infiltrate the troops into enemy territory; CF. infiltrator
cordialwarmly friendly; gracious; heartfelt; Ex. cordial welcome
parableshort simple story teaching a moral
loomappear or take shape (usually in an enlarged, indistinct, or distorted form); Ex. The shadow of the gallows loomed threateningly. N: apparatus for making thread into cloth
verveenthusiasm (as in artistic performance or composition); liveliness; vigor
smearspread or cover with a sticky substance; N: mark made by smearing
uncouthboorish; clumsy in speech or behavior; outlandish
visioneyesight; foresight; mental image produced by the imagination; experience of seeing the supernatural
ancillaryserving as an aid or accessory; auxiliary; N.