GRE Word List



The meaning of the word omniscient is all-knowing.

Random words

trenchantcutting; incisive; keen
niggardlymeanly stingy; parsimonious; N. niggard: stingy person
seresear; parched; dry
sallow(of the skin) yellowish and unhealthy-looking; sickly in color; Ex. sallow complexion due to jaundice
stealthaction of moving secretly or unseen; slyness; sneakiness; secretiveness; ADJ. stealthy
rigorseverity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter
auditexamination of accounts of a business; official examination; V.
finickytoo particular; fussy; difficult to please; too concerned with unimportant details or quality; Ex. finicky about her food
conservatoryschool of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy