GRE Word List


carefully considered or prepared : thoughtful

The meaning of the word studied is carefully considered or prepared : thoughtful.

Random words

equilibriuma state of intellectual or emotional balance : poise
catharsispurification or purgation of the emotions (such as pity and fear) primarily through art
exigencythat which is required in a particular situation
remissnegligent in the performance of work or duty : careless
inebriateone who is drunk
abstractdisassociated from any specific instance
encomiasticone that praises : eulogist
antlerone of the paired deciduous solid bony processes that arise from the frontal bone on the head of an animal of the deer family
befuddleto muddle or stupefy with or as if with drink
lanceta sharp-pointed and commonly 2-edged surgical instrument used to make small incisions