GRE Word List


congeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant

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The meaning of the word coagulate is congeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant.

Random words

coinmake coins; invent or fabricate (a word or phrase); N. coinage: word or phrase recently invented
limboregion near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept; prison (slang); Ex. Purgatory and Limbo
terseconcise; abrupt; pithy
surveillanceclose observation of a person (esp. one under suspicion); watching; guarding
matrimonystate of being married
obligatorybinding; required; compulsory; V. oblige: constrain; make grateful; do a favor; accommodate
clamorloud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
pratetalk idly; speak foolishly; boast idly
subornpersuade to act unlawfully (especially to commit perjury); N. subornation