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GRE Word List


able to be dissolved in a liquid; able to be worked out or solved

The meaning of the word soluble is able to be dissolved in a liquid; able to be worked out or solved.

Random words

stultifymake stupid in mind; cause to appear or become stupid or inconsistent; suppress; frustrate or hinder; Ex. stultifying effect of uninteresting work; Ex. stultify free expression
disavowaldenial; disclaiming; repudiating; disowning; V. disavow; CF. disclaim
arid(of land) dry; barren; unproductive
etymologystudy of word parts; study of the origins of words
propsupport placed under or against something; V.
motleymulti-colored (as of a garment worn by a jester); mixed; heterogeneous; CF. jester: one who jests (as a paid fool at medieval courts)
clapstrike the palms of the hands together with a sudden explosive sound; come together suddenly with a sharp sound; put or send promptly; Ex. clap the thief in jail; N: clapping; loud or explosive sound; CF. applause
backsliderevert (to bad habits); N. reverter
premonitionforewarning; presentiment; foreboding
graze(of an animal) feed on growing grass; cause (an animal) to feed on grass; scrape (esp. the skin) or touch lightly in passing; brush; Ex. We can't graze the cattle till summer; N: surface wound