GRE Word List


cut off part of body; prune (a limb)

The meaning of the word amputate is cut off part of body; prune (a limb).

Random words

indifferentunmoved or unconcerned by; having no interest in; mediocre; neither good nor bad
chucklelaugh quietly
trektravel; journey; V: make a long difficult journey
kindredrelated; belonging to the same group; similar in nature or character; Ex. kindred languages; N: relative; kin; kinship
presentimentpremonition; foreboding; feeling something will happen; anticipatory fear
astutewise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage
forerunnerpredecessor; one that comes before and indicates the approach of another
embroiderdecorate with needlework; ornament (a story) with fancy or fictitious details; embellish
innovationchange; something newly introduced; introduction of something new; V. innovate: begin or introduce (something new); be creative; ADJ. innovative