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GRE Word List


thoroughly soaked; dull or stupid as if from drink

The meaning of the word sodden is thoroughly soaked; dull or stupid as if from drink.

Random words

vacuousempty; lacking in ideas; inane; stupid; Ex. vacuous expression; N. vacuity
marginborder; room; allowance beyond what is needed; Ex. margin of safety
trajectorypath taken by a projectile; Ex. trajectory of a bullet
deadpanwooden; impassive; with no show of feeling; with an expressionless face
exhorturge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation
incorporateintroduce something into a larger whole; include; embody; give material form to; ADJ.
wheedledeceive, persuade, or obtain by flattery; cajole; coax; Ex. wheedle a promise out of her
braveface courageously; Ex. brave the storm
levyimpose (a fine); collect (a payment); impose or collect (a tax); Ex. levy a tax on tobacco
knottyintricate; difficult; tangled; CF. knot