GRE Word List


hasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done)

The meaning of the word slapdash is hasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done).

Random words

dripfall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
durationlength of time something lasts
demoticof or pertaining to the people
amokin a state of rage; Ex. run amok
ineluctableirresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable
vulgarof the common people; deficient in refinement; not refined; coarse; Ex. vulgar display of wealth; N. vulgarism: vulgarity; crudely indecent word; CF. vulgarian: vulgar person; boor; lout
dapperneat and trim (in appearance); (of small men) neat in appearance and quick in movements; neat; spry
multilingualhaving many languages; fluent in several languages
parchedextremely dry; very thirsty; V. parch: make or become extremely dry (by exposure to heat)
obliqueindirect; slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line); Ex. oblique reference