GRE Word List


hasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done)

The meaning of the word slapdash is hasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done).

Random words

immolateoffer or kill as a sacrifice (by fire)
forlornsad and lonely; wretched; desolate
smudgedirty mark with unclear edges made by rubbing; V.
reducediminish; bring to a weaker or more difficult condition; demote; lower in rank; separate into components by analysis; Ex. reduced to the ranks; Ex. reduce the house to rubble; N. reduction
malignspeak evil of; bad-mouth(criticize spitefully); defame; ADJ: harmful; Ex. malign influence
actuarialcalculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
reposeresting; state of being at rest; calmness; V: lie at rest; relax; put or place; Ex. repose our hopes in a single man
meanderwind or turn in its course; follow a winding or turning course; move aimlessly and idly
tundrarolling treeless plain in Siberia and arctic North America
mulctdefraud a person of something; swindle; Ex. mulct the boy of his legacy