GRE Word List


admit fresh air into to replace stale air

The meaning of the word ventilate is admit fresh air into to replace stale air.

Random words

prepossessingattractive; CF. preoccupying ?
fruitionbearing of fruit; fulfillment; realization; Ex. come to/be brought to fruition
studiedcarefully contrived; calculated; unspontaneous; deliberate; thoughtful; Ex. studied remark
addlemake or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)
auditexamination of accounts of a business; official examination; V.
zanycomic; crazy; N: clown; comical person (given to outlandish behavior)
teetotalismpractice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks; N. teetotaler;; ADJ. teetotal; CF. T + total
ardorheat; passion; zeal; ADJ. ardent
nullifymake invalid; make null; invalidate
avuncularof or like an uncle