GRE Word List


boisterous laughter; V.

The meaning of the word guffaw is boisterous laughter; V..

Random words

unwarrantedunjustified; having no justification; groundless; baseless; undeserved
homogeneousof the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
turpitudedepravity; baseness; Ex. moral turpitude
sportiveplayful; frolicsome; merry; CF. sport: play or frolic; CF. sportsmanlike
floridruddy; (of a complexion) reddish; flowery; very ornate; CF. rose
perpetuatemake perpetual; make something last for a long time; preserve from extinction; N. perpetuity
pariahsocial outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah
stipendpay for services
emeticsubstance causing vomiting; ADJ.
imbuesaturate(soak thoroughly); fill; Ex. imbue someone with feelings