GRE Word List


to push along

The meaning of the word shove is to push along.

Random words

vicaran ecclesiastical agent: such as
interloperone that interlopes: such as
primaryfirst in order of time or development : primitive
parameteran arbitrary constant whose value characterizes a member of a system (such as a family of curves)
fraya usually disorderly or protracted fight, struggle, or dispute
fulminateto utter or send out with denunciation
drudgeto do hard, menial, or monotonous work
grazeto feed on growing herbage, attached algae, or phytoplankton
esotericdesigned for or understood by the specially initiated alone
shrewany of a family (Soricidae) of small chiefly nocturnal insectivores related to the moles and distinguished by a long pointed snout, very small eyes, and short velvety fur