GRE Word List


marked by lack of variation or change : uniform

The meaning of the word equable is marked by lack of variation or change : uniform.

Random words

soddendull or expressionless especially from continued indulgence in alcoholic beverages
pryto look closely or inquisitively
salaciousarousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination
preponderancea superiority in weight, power, importance, or strength
rectitudethe quality or state of being straight
hewto cut with blows of a heavy cutting instrument
badgerany of various burrowing mammals (especially Taxidea taxus and Meles meles) of the weasel family that are widely distributed in the northern hemisphere
abrogateto abolish by authoritative action : annul
repugnancethe quality or fact of being contradictory or inconsistent
insensatelacking sense or understanding