GRE Word List


marked by lack of variation or change : uniform

The meaning of the word equable is marked by lack of variation or change : uniform.

Random words

jettisonto get rid of as superfluous or encumbering : omit or forgo as part of a plan or as the result of some other decision
assimilateto take into the mind and thoroughly understand
pinchto squeeze between the finger and thumb or between the jaws of an instrument
unceremoniousnot ceremonious : informal
gerontocracyrule by elders
tinta usually slight or pale coloration : hue
effectualproducing or able to produce a desired effect
unassuagednot quenched, eased, or satisfied : not assuaged
deciduousfalling off or shed seasonally or at a certain stage of development in the life cycle
resourcefulable to meet situations : capable of devising ways and means