GRE Word List


to prolong in time or space : continue

The meaning of the word protract is to prolong in time or space : continue.

Random words

inimicalbeing adverse often by reason of hostility or malevolence
centrifugalproceeding or acting in a direction away from a center or axis
regattaa rowing, speedboat, or sailing race or a series of such races
scrupuloushaving moral integrity : acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper
dioramaa scenic representation in which a partly translucent painting is seen from a distance through an opening
vignettea picture (such as an engraving or photograph) that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper
vipera common Eurasian venomous snake (Vipera berus) that attains a length of about two feet (0.6 meter), varies in color from red, brown, or gray with dark markings to black, and is usually not fatal to humans
thriveto grow vigorously : flourish