GRE Word List


pass slowly through small openings; ooze; trickle; N. seepage

The meaning of the word seep is pass slowly through small openings; ooze; trickle; N. seepage.

Random words

ignobleunworthy; not noble; dishonorable; Ex. ignoble deed
jabberchatter rapidly or unintelligibly
nibbeak(bill); pen point
anodynedrug that relieves pain or trouble; ΑψΕλΑ¦; opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
ineptunsuited; inappropriate; lacking skill; incompetent; CF. inapt: (of statements or ideas) inappropriate
earthlyof this earth; terrestrial; worldly; not divine; possible; Ex. no earthly reason
boguscounterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
grandioseaffectedly grand; pretentious; high-flown; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive; great in size or scope; grand; Ex. grandiose ideas
extraditionsurrender of prisoner by one state to another; Ex. extradition treaty; V. extradite
compriseinclude; consist of