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GRE Word List


scanty; inadequate

The meaning of the word meager is scanty; inadequate.

Random words

executiveperson having administrative authority; one branch of government executing laws; ADJ: relating to executing
protractprolong; lengthen in time; draw out
warble(of a bird) sing; babble; N.
preceptpractical rule guiding conduct; Ex. mother's precept
vulgarof the common people; deficient in refinement; not refined; coarse; Ex. vulgar display of wealth; N. vulgarism: vulgarity; crudely indecent word; CF. vulgarian: vulgar person; boor; lout
apparitionghost; phantom
momentousvery important; N. moment; CF. momentary
contritepenitent; repentant; N. contrition
spry(esp. of older people) vigorously active; nimble