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GRE Word List


stick together

The meaning of the word cohere is stick together.

Random words

macabregruesome; grisly; ghastly; CF. of death
wagebegin and continue (a war)
capricewhim; sudden change of mind without any real cause
biennialevery two years
impuissancepowerlessness; feebleness
pryinquire impertinently (someone else's private affairs); use leverage to raise or open something; prize; N. pries: tool for prying
incorporealwithout a material body; insubstantial
fretbe annoyed or vexed; Ex. fret over your poor grades; N: irritation of mind; ADJ. fretful
diffusewordy; verbose; rambling; spread out (like a gas); V: spread out in all directions; disperse; N. diffusion; CF. suffuse
tureendeep dish for serving soup

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