GRE Word List


using satire; mocking

The meaning of the word satirical is using satire; mocking.

Random words

equityfairness; justice; OP. inequity
reekemit (an unpleasant odor or smoke); give off an unpleasant odor; give out smoke; Ex. reeking chimney; N: unpleasant odor; stench
baitharass; tease; torment; Ex. badger baiting; N: food or other lure used to catch fish or trap animals
extirpateroot up; uproot; destroy completely
reprovecensure; rebuke; N. reproof
requitemake return for; repay; reciprocate; revenge; N. requittal
piscatorialpertaining to fishing; CF. Pisces
badinageteasing conversation; banter; joking talk
incumbentobligatory; imposed as an obligation; currently holding an office; N: person who holds an office
preytarget of a hunt; victim; V: hunt and eat as prey; victimize; Ex. Cats prey on mice.