GRE Word List


a surface luster or brightness : shine

The meaning of the word gloss is a surface luster or brightness : shine.

Random words

defrockto deprive of the right to exercise the functions of office
mammalany of a class (Mammalia) of warm-blooded higher vertebrates (such as placentals, marsupials, or monotremes) that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands, have the skin usually more or less covered with hair, and include humans
infinitesimalimmeasurably or incalculably small
obstreperousmarked by unruly or aggressive noisiness : clamorous
quagmiresoft miry land that shakes or yields under the foot
deftcharacterized by facility and skill
gleanto gather grain or other produce left by reapers
precludeto make impossible by necessary consequence : rule out in advance
gregarioustending to associate with others of one's kind : social
affinityrelationship by marriage