GRE Word List


cloying sweet; characteristic of sugar or saccharin

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The meaning of the word saccharine is cloying sweet; characteristic of sugar or saccharin.

Random words

dripfall or let fall in drops; shed drops; N: action or sound of falling in drops; liquid that falls in drops
purportedalleged; claimed; reputed or rumored; Ex. purported Satanists
stipulatestate as a necessary condition (of an agreement); make express conditions; specify; Ex. He stipulated payment in advance
anarchistperson who seeks to overturn the established government; advocate of abolishing authority
poignancyquality of being deeply moving; keenness of emotion; ADJ. poignant: touching; deeply moving; (of sorrow, grief, etc.) painful; keenly distressing to the mind; Ex. poignant memory/anxiety; CF. prick
ecologistperson concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology
ponderoushaving great weight; weighty; unwieldy; lacking lightness; dull; Ex. ponderous body/style of writing
queueline (of waiting people or vehicles)
execrablevery bad; detestable