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GRE Word List


of a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment

The meaning of the word seasonal is of a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment.

Random words

flippantlacking proper seriousness; Ex. flippant remarks about death; N. flippancy
analgesiccausing insensitivity to pain; N.
malignanttending to cause death; highly injurious; aggressively malevolent; Ex. malignant tumor
hypotheticalbased on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed; N. hypothesis
conscientiousscrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
jurisdictionright and power to apply the law; authority
lavishliberal; wasteful; generous or wasteful in giving or using; abundant; profuse; great; Ex. decorated lavishly; V. give in abundance
chassisframework and working parts of an automobile; framework to which components are attached
gerontocracygovernment ruled by old people