GRE Word List


lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness

The meaning of the word apathy is lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness.

Random words

masticateto grind or crush (food) with or as if with the teeth : chew
correlationthe state or relation of being correlated
dissonancelack of agreement
blotchto mark or mar with blotches
topographythe art or practice of graphic delineation in detail usually on maps or charts of natural and man-made features of a place or region especially in a way to show their relative positions and elevations
inherentinvolved in the constitution or essential character of something : belonging by nature or habit : intrinsic
unexceptionablenot open to objection or criticism : beyond reproach : unimpeachable
concedeto acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly
shrewdmarked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded acumen