GRE Word List


event; event that causes a crisis

The meaning of the word incident is event; event that causes a crisis.

Random words

funerealsad; solemn; suitable for a funeral
unrulydisobedient; lawless; difficult to control
repercussionrebound; reaction; reverberation; Ex. serious repercussion
garnishdecorate; add a garnish to; decorate (food or drink) with small items such as lemon slices; N.
stiflesuppress; extinguish; inhibit; smother or suffocate
exactdemand and obtain by force; Ex. exact a promise from him; N. exaction
primogenitureseniority by birth; state of being the first-born child; right of the eldest child (to inherit the entire property of one or both parents)
conscriptdraftee; person forced into military service; V.
optimistperson who looks on the bright side; N. optimism